SaveGrain Bag

SaveGrain Bag

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Grown without chemicals and pesticides
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With SaveGrain bags we can store all food items viz., Pulses, seeds, cereeals, spices, nuts, flours and ravvas.  When the seeds are stored germination % is maintained. No stroage losses. 

It is available in two varients - 50Kgs and 25 Kgs

SaveGrain Bags Advantages

  • No Quality Deterioration
  • No quantity loss.
  • Preserves Aroma.
  • Maintain high germination rate.
  • Toxic & Harmful chemicals not required to control infestation.
  • Minimum Oxidation.


SaveGrain Bags Applications

  • Seeds: Food crop, Horticulture.
  • Food Grains: Pulses, Lentils, Cereals.
  • Beans & Nuts: Cocoa, Coffee, Vanilla, Peanuts, Cashew.
  • Herbs & Spices: All type of Spices, Herbs.
  • Flour: All Type of Flours.